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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Learning Development Service?

The Learning Development Service (LDS) is located within the Student Guidance Centre.  LDS works with staff and students to enhance learning and develop students’ ability to learn. We have developed resources on a range of areas including essay writing, referencing, time management and exam preparation.  We offer a number of services to staff and students to facilitate this process, developed and delivered by the LDS team, including four professional Learning Development Tutors and four PhD students.

What services does LDS provide for students?

LDS works with students via three platforms: workshops, online resources, and one-to-one appointments. Appointments for one-to-ones are for undergraduate students only and are focused on enhancing a student’s learning abilities in a focused and intensive way. They are not remedial or designed to read specific assignments. For generic enquiries we have a large library of online resources covering writing, planning, time management, referencing and plagiarism, critical reading and writing and exam preparation among many other topics.

Who can have a one-to-one appointment with LDS?

One-to-one appointments are offered to all undergraduate students at Queen’s University Belfast. We cannot see postgraduate students at LDS, and direct them to the Graduate Centre.

What can I expect from a one-to-one appointment with LDS?

A one-to-one appointment is a dedicated session to tailor learning development strategies for individuals. It is not designed to replace the resources provided on our website or to evaluate specific assignments. While we can look at work due for submission, our focus is on developing you as a learner, writer and student, not on the assignment. The onus therefore is placed on you to be engaged and willing to contribute to your own learning. We expect students who schedule one-to-one appointments to have used the resources that are provided on our website and be prepared to go beyond these. A one-to-one session will require significant contribution from the student.

Will LDS proofread, correct or edit my writing?

No, LDS will NOT proofread your work, correct your language usage or edit your work.

How do I book a one-to-one appointment with LDS?

All one-to-one appointments must be booked in advance which is done online via the system MyFuture. You are required to log in using your QUB email address and QOL password. From there you will be able to select the appointment type e.g., Academic Writing or Other Academic Skills. On the basis of the appointment type you will see the availability of all applicable LDS tutors and select a session that best suits you. Once a slot is selected, MyFuture gives you the ability to provide more detailed information on the help you are seeking and to upload additional material such as your essay or the assignment instructions. If you have successfully booked a slot, you will receive an automated confirmation message at your QUB email address.

When should I contact LDS to obtain an appointment?

You are recommended to book an appointment at least one week in advance which should give you a reasonable choice of available sessions. However, as our appointment provision is subject to availability, allow for more time at busy periods throughout the semester. Additionally, try not to schedule an appointment very close or on the day of your deadline as there might not be enough time for you to incorporate our feedback and finalise your work.

How long does a one-to-one appointment last?

Each appointment can last a maximum of 60 minutes but may be shorter depending on your needs.

How do I prepare myself for a one-to-one appointment?

In order to get the most from a session with LDS and maximise the output, it is important to make the necessary preparation so that our tutors can advise and assist you to the best of their ability. Here are some things that you should consider: 

  • Explore the online resources and see if your question is answered there.

  • Think about what you want to obtain from the meeting and have a clear and realistic target about what can be covered, resolved or achieved in 60 minutes.

  • Bring samples of your work, or upload them beforehand to MyFuture. It is much easier to work from something concrete.

  • Plan how long it will take you to get to the Student Guidance Centre to ensure you turn up on time.

Do I have to pay for LDS services?

No. All of our services are totally free of charge.

What are LDS’s opening hours?

Office hours are from 9am to 5am, Monday to Friday throughout the year, excluding public or bank holidays. These hours are the same during term time and university holidays.

Where are one-to-one appointments held?

One-to-one appointments take place in Room 1 or Room 2 on the First Floor of the Student Guidance Centre. On the day of your appointment come up the stairs and go through the double swing doors to the reception desk where you should let the reception staff know that you have arrived. LDS will then be informed and your tutor will come and meet you.

How many appointments can I book with LDS?

One session may be sufficient, but you may schedule up to four appointments per term. Further appointments outside of this allocation may be discussed with an LDS Tutor. Our aim is to support you to become an independent learner, rather than become over-reliant on our service.

How do I cancel or re-schedule an appointment?

If a specific time or date does no longer suit you, you can log in to MyFuture and cancel or reschedule. Please do so far in advance, as we often waste precious one-to-one slots through “No Shows” or last minute cancellations. Early cancellation ensures that the appointment is available for booking by another student.

What if I have an urgent deadline and cannot get an appointment in time?

Although we always endeavour to help you, our service is subject to availability.

Unfortunately, the only option is to check regularly online or phone us to enquire if students have cancelled or re-scheduled their appointment and a spot has become available.

I am a distance learner, what options do I have?

Even if you are not based in or close to Queen’s, you can still arrange a meeting with us, as Skype or telephone appointments are available upon request.

Are you able to read my essay and provide feedback via email or track-changes?

No. We do not provide feedback via email or offer a proofreading service.

What other related support services are available?

QUB offers a variety of support services for students. Support services available include:

  • Subject Librarians: help you identify relevant resources and inform you on how to use the library, the various online and referencing resources and the Special Collections available at QUB.
  • Careers Service: provides various services for students including help with writing CVs, making applications, interview preparation, as well as information regarding careers options and guidance with career planning.
  • Disability Services: provides prospective and current students and staff of the University with appropriate information relating to disability issues, and makes individual support recommendations for students based on assessed need and the resources at the University’s disposal.   
  • Student Wellbeing Service: works in partnership with students by encouraging proactivity in realising potential, building resilience and finding solutions which best suit academic and personal needs.
  • Graduate School: supports Postgraduate students and offers relevant training and learning workshops.
  • INTO Queen's University Belfast: runs academic and English language preparation courses for international students.
  • International Student Support: provides international students and their dependants with advice and support on issues such as immigration or Visas.