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Frequently Asked Questions

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About LDS

Booking an Appointment

  • Who can have an appointment with LDS?

    One-to-one appointments are available for all undergraduate students at Queen’s. Postgraduate support is provided by the Graduate School.

  • I am a postgraduate student. Can I book an appointment?

    We only provide one-to-one appointments for undergraduate students, although our online resources are freely available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. If you are a postgraduate student, the Graduate School has a wealth of resources and workshops available. For postgraduate queries, please contact

  • When should I contact LDS to make an appointment?

    Appointments become available up to fourteen days in advance. Please book at your earliest convenience to secure your preferred time slot. As our appointment provision is subject to availability, allow for more time at busy periods throughout the semester. If your appointment concerns an upcoming assignment, we recommend that you do not schedule an appointment very close to your deadline as there might not be enough time for you to incorporate feedback and finalise your work.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    All one-to-one appointments must be booked in advance. You can do this by email, telephone, or online via MyFuture:

    1. To book via email, please contact us using your QUB email address at
    2. You can book via telephone on 02890973618. Please have your student number ready when calling.
    3. To book online, please log on to MyFuture using your QUB email address and QOL password. See the "How do I book an appointment online?" question for more details.

    Once your appointment is booked, you will receive an automated confirmation message to your QUB email address.

  • How do I book an appointment online?

    To book online, please log on to MyFuture using your QUB email address and QOL password. The following link will take you directly to the "Book an Appointment" page:

    When you are on the Book an Appointment page:

    1. Select "Learning Development Appointment" from the "APPOINTMENT TYPE" dropdown
    2. Click "Check Availability"
    3. Choose an appointment time that suits you by clicking on the red "LDS - Tutor Name" text
    4. Click the "Add" button under "Appointment Reason"
    5. Click "Learning Development Service *LDS*" so that a green tick appears to the left of the text
    6. Click "Done" in the top right corner of the "Choose" popup
    7. Type in any additional information that may be of use to the LDS tutor
    8. Scroll down and click "Submit Request"
    9. Appointment Booked! An automated email will now be sent to your QUB email address that confirms your booking details
  • How long does an appointment last?

    All appointments are advertised for a maximum of one hour, but they may be shorter depending on your needs.

  • Do I need to prepare for my appointment in advance?

    It is not always necessary to prepare in advance, but For example, if you wish to focus on referencing skills for an upcoming assignment, it may be useful to bring a printed copy of the assignment to the appointment. Your assignment does not need to be completed ahead of the appointment. A draft, a plan, or brainstormed ideas can help your LDS tutor advise you.

    It may also be useful to bring feedback from previous assessments, but this is not necessary. You might also wish to think in advance about general or specific questions to ask the tutor.

    Remember, each appointment lasts up to an hour, so it is important that you have a clear and realistic target for what can be covered in this time period.

  • Where do I go for my appointment?

    Appointments are held on the First Floor of the Student Guidance Centre. On the day of the appointment, come up the stairs and go through the double swing doors to the reception desk. Please let the reception staff know that you have arrived for your LDS appointment. Your tutor will then come and meet you.

  • How many appointments can I book with LDS?

    Students are allotted five appointments per academic year. If you require additional appointments, please let LDS know so that we can consider this based on your learning needs.

  • How do I cancel or re-schedule an appointment?

    If a specific time or date no longer suits you, please log in to MyFuture and cancel or reschedule. You can also do this via email or by telephone. Early cancellation ensures that the appointment is available for booking by another student.

Your Appointment

  • What can I expect from a one-to-one appointment with LDS?

    A one-to-one appointment is designed to facilitate your academic development. It is focused on your needs as a student and on what you would like to gain from the meeting. Our appointments are intended to be flexible and best suit your requirements.

    Have a look at this recent blog post of one student’s experience of our one-to-one service.

  • Can I bring a friend?

    Appointments are most effective on a one-to-one basis. However, if your friend is on the same course and has similar queries, it may be possible to accommodate another student. We can also offer group appointments. For example, if you are involved in a group project, you can come along as a group and bring the document that you have been working on together. To avail of this option, please contact LDS in advance by telephone or email.

  • Does it matter what my degree course is?

    No. LDS assists all undergraduate students at Queen’s regardless of degree program. As we do not provide subject-specific guidance, we are able to see a wide range of students. If there is a particular question we cannot help you with, we will signpost you to here.

  • Will LDS proofread, correct, or edit my writing?

    Will LDS proofread, correct, or edit my writing?

    LDS does not offer a proof-reading or editing service. When we review essays, we look for clarity of argument, structure, and appropriate referencing. You will find resources on proofreading strategies here

  • Can I bring along a draft assignment?

    Yes, we are happy to provide feedback on work in progress. Whilst it isn’t compulsory to bring a draft of your assignment, we recommend that you bring along any work that you have completed, such as mind maps or essay plans, tohelp you to make the most of your appointment. You can also bring copies of previous assignments and any feedback you have received on these, to discuss with the tutor.

Further Support A-Z

  • Careers Service

    Careers, Employability and Skills provide various services for students including help with writing CVs, making applications, interview preparation, as well as information regarding careers options and guidance with career planning.

  • Disability Services

    Disability Services provide prospective and current students and staff of the University with appropriate information relating to disability issues, and makes individual support recommendations for students based on assessed need and the resources at the University’s disposal.   

  • Graduate School

    The Graduate School supports Postgraduate students and offers relevant training and learning workshops.

  • International Student Support

    International Student Support provides international students and their dependants with advice and support on issues such as immigration or Visas.

  • Subject Librarians

    Subject Librarians help you identify relevant resources and inform you on how to use the library, the various online and referencing resources and the Special Collections available at QUB.