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Here are some links to other web resources on essay writing, report writing, literature reviews, and dissertations.


Essay Writing

Essay Writing - University of Reading

Various fantastic essay writing resources including planning, writing and improving your writing.

Writing Lab

Comprehensive resources for essay writing. Including; process of writing, academic style, grammar and writing techniques.

Guide to writing

Useful tips for all stages of writing.

Step by step writing process

A guide to the essay writing process. Can help you get started, become more efficient and to generally improve your essay writing abilities.

Writing Better University Essays

Wikibooks guide to help you write better university essays: lots of detail under the various headings.

Grammar and Punctuation help

University of Bristol guide to improving your grammar and punctuation.

Report Writing

Report writing, literature reviews and dissertation writing

Univeristy of Reading's clear and concise guides to different types of academic writing

Features of good reports from The University of Reading

University of Sussex detailed guide to writing reports including structure, planning, critical analysis and writing style.

Literature Review

UNC Writing Center handout on literature reviews


University of Leicester's concise guide to dissertation writing

The Guardian guide to dissertation writing: Part 1 - How to planPart 2 - How to writePart 3 - How to edit

Report Writing


Report writing involves following specific structures and approaches. Our five-step guide explains what is required to complete the task of report writing.

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Report Writing 5 Step Guide

Interactive Resource (Requires Flash)