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Note Taking in Lectures

Note Taking in Lectures


Taking accurate detailed notes is one of the most important skills you need for learning at University.  The notes you take during lectures will help you prepare for examinations and also offer a way to reflect on your previous learning.  If you don't take notes during your lectures then it is most likely that after the lecture you won't remember the key points and examples that were provided.

Some Things to Think About:

  • If you don’t attend your lecture, you will miss important information.
  • Even if you borrow your friends’ notes, you still run the risk of missing important information.
  • If your lecturer has requested additional reading before your next lecture do it! Otherwise it is highly likely that you will not understand the material covered in your next lecture.
  • By reading in advance it is likely you can predict the topics to be covered in your lecture.  
  • REMEMBER: Lectures do not provide you with a full understanding of the subject, and certainly are not the total requirement for exam revision, they assume some input on your part e.g. writing up notes in a style that is more comprehensive! 

Top Tip:

  • Always ask in advance if lecture notes are available before the lecture. If they are, print and study them BEFORE you attend the lecture!

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