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Staff who are studying

All students are required to register at the start of each Academic Year. 

Staff members of Queen's University who are also studying towards a degree, for example the PGCHET course, must complete all steps of their registration.

Staff must log into QSIS with their student number and password and complete the ten steps of the online registration wizard.

To complete step 10 (financial registration), please ensure that all documents relating to sponsorship of tuition fees are forwarded to the Student Finance office as soon as possible. If you have any queries please contact the Student Finance Office on or 028 9097 3223.

Onsite registration

Staff must also complete the onsite registration process. To complete this, valid ID and proof of highest qualification on entry must be brought to one of the dedicated registration venues or level one of the Student Guidance Centre.

Accepted qualifications: original certificate of highest qualification on entry, for example PhD certificate

Accepted identification: valid passport, drivers licence or EU identity card

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Enrolment & Registration

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Call the Student Helpline - 028 9097 3223

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