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#QUBeWell - University Mental Health Week

How to ‘Just Do It’ – Reducing Stress through Mindful Motivation

Dr Carolyn Blair will provide Postgraduate students and staff with a practical understanding of how to reduce stress levels, and be more intrinsically motivated.

Graphic for #QUBeWell Mindful Motivation Webinar
March 5, 2021
MS Teams - Link will be sent out after registration
14:00 - 15:00

Maintaining motivation can be difficult. 

This workshop will provide you with a practical understanding of how to reduce your stress levels and be more intrinsically motivated. 

Through practising present-moment awareness, we can manage fear; practicing acceptance, we can manage avoidance; and through practicing courage, we can manage negative self-appraisal.  

Take time out to learn a few skills to help increase your enjoyment of your research journey and mindfully prepare for the opportunities that are coming your way! 

*Note: No need for cameras on, or active discussion, feel free to participate in whatever way works for you.

This event is being organised as part of the #QUBeWell University Mental Health Week (1-5 March 2021). To view the rest of the Programme, please click here

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