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SSA Online Consent Declaration

Disability and Wellbeing offer a range of specialist services to enable all students to have a positive learning experience.  A specialist staff member can meet with you to listen to your issues, identify a range of possible options and ensure you have the right supports in place that meet your needs.

We know that confidentiality is important to you, and the University is committed to creating an environment where students are comfortable in seeking support. Disability and Wellbeing services will hold and process your data in line with the University’s  Data Protection Policy.

Please note: If you are a student studying at St Mary’s or Stranmillis in receipt of funded support (including DSA) you are agreeing to supports being delivered in line with the terms above.

Please be assured that all information we receive is treated sensitively and that we only disclose appropriate levels of information to relevant University staff and associated personnel. However, it may be necessary for us to share information with relevant third parties including; health and social care professionals, parent and/or next of kin if there is a known or suspected risk of harm to yourself or others.  There may also be occasions where we have a legal obligation to share information and you will be advised of this. If you wish to view more details about how and when we will use your data, please refer to the Student Privacy Notice here.

If you are residing outside of Northern Ireland (NI), please note the delivery of our services will be undertaken in accordance with the laws and regulation standards in NI, and any disputes will be subject to NI law.

Student Support Agreement - Declaration of Consent

Section A: Student Details

By ticking the box below, you are agreeing to patriciate with support from Disability & Wellbeing Services, and the sharing on information on the above conditions in our Student Support Agreement.

I agree to participate with support from Disability and Wellbeing Services, and the sharing of information on the above conditions.