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No Grey Zone

No Grey Zone

Queen's University has a zero tolerance policy for any form of sexual misconduct and will take all steps necessary to create a safe environment for all staff, students and visitors of the University. 

No Grey Zone
Consent is Black and White

The PSNI in partnership with other agencies, including Queen's University Student Union, have launched a sexual assault and sexual consent awareness campaign entitled- 'No Grey Zone'. With an increase in sexual assault and a poor understanding of what consent actually is, the No Grey Zone campaign will seek to inform and safeguard young people across the region.  

The aim is to communicate that there is and should not be a grey area around sexual assault or consent, it is very black and white. If someone does not have the freedom or capacity to consent then it is sexual assault. 


  • The campaign is unpologetic in its language and is very clear on what is and is not acceptable behaviour. It demonstrates that sexual assault does not just include rape or touching, it can also include a quick grope or fondle in a nightclub. For more information visit the No Grey Zone website



  • Queen's University fully supports the No Grey Zone campaign and has zero tolerance for any form of sexual assault or harrassment. If you have been affected by sexual misconduct we encourage you to report it and speak to someone. It is entirely your choice if you want to go to the Police, but do not try to deal with it alone. There is support available


"It is vital that every single person in our society understands what sexual assault and consent is. We want a society where people feel supported and empowered to speak out when a sexual assault occurs"- PSNI Detective Chief Superintendent Paula Hilman 

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