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Current Mature Students' Experiences

Below are stories from current mature students studying at Queen's. They wanted to share their experiences of studying with new students*, looking at challenges they faced along with support they engaged with and what worked well for them.

Everyone is different and will have a different experience. If you have any questions or if you feel you need support, please look at our support services page or contact us directly and we can be sure to signpost you to the right support. 

* Due to Covid-19 the video below could not be recorded professionally - it will be updated in due course but does have an important message. 
PHOTO: Lisa McGuinness
"When I first enrolled I was a little apprehensive if there would be other mature students undertaking my degree. To my delight when I arrived there was a range of ages older and younger than me and I felt very comfortable" Lisa McGuinness
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Lisa's Story

PHOTO: Daniel Young
I was struggling trying to find a balance between my social and study life. 21 Plus helped me speak to someone who helped me create a timetable and use my time in a more efficient manner – effectively to understand that I did not always need to work for longer, but to ‘work smarter’. Daniel Young
Computer Science Student

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