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Learning Resources

The Learning and Development Service (LDS) website has excellent online academic learning resources available on their website

The team in LDS are also working on developing more specific academic resources for mature students, and the resources will be available here in the near future. In the meantime take a look at the tips below from other mature students:


Tips for auditory learners

  • If permitted (you need to ask permission from your School office and or each lecturer/tutorial staff member) record lectures and tutorials. If this is not permitted, take good notes and then record yourself reading your notes into your mobile phone or mp3 player and listen back – in your bedroom or on the bus/train as you travel to and from University.
  • Revise with friends and talk through your responses to help memorise them

 Tips for visual learners

  • Summarise topics using colourful mind-maps and include pictures and diagrams
  • Use flash cards, cover up answers and try and guess the responses
  • Write important points on colourful post-its and display them in your study space

 Tips for kinaesthetic learners

  • Work through past papers to practise your technique
  • Create games to help fix factual information e.g. matching question and answers on cards, colour coding related responses and putting them together or thinking of rhymes to help remember key topics

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