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Self Esteem

The first semester at university is often reported as the most difficult as students strive to settle in to the rhythm of study and university life.

The various levels of self-esteem among students have a profound effect on their academic outcomes. Research has shown that students with higher levels of self-esteem will respond more positively to their feedback from the first assignment and will strive to improve. Often those with low self-esteem respond negatively and feel like they ‘might as well give up’ (Young,2000). The support services are a valuable tool at these times. The Inspire Student Hub also provides support and information on how to raise ones levels of self-esteem. It demonstrates with a self-help online course, techniques to manage worry, reduce negative feelings and unhelpful thinking patterns thus leading to increased levels of self-esteem and more positive outcomes. Inspire Students has a wealth of experience in supporting the needs of students mental wellbeing and is available to all part-time and full-time students at QUB. The University Pin is: QUB2019!

Visit the Inspire Hub

As many students are concerned about how well they are equipped returning to education it is important to know that the university have several support services in place to help with any concerns and difficulties. Click on the links below to find out more about support services in Queen's: 

Support available in the Student Guidance Centre: 

Support available in the Students' Union:

Contact details for University School's: