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Archaeology and Palaeoecology

Archaeology and Palaeoecology
A Pathway to the study of past human activities the study of past environments

The Archaeology and Palaeoecology Pathway opens doors to gaining the vital knowledge, understanding and skills that will help you progress to studying Archaeology, Palaeoecology or both at Queen's University Belfast

What is Archaeology?

The Study of Past Human Activities

Archaeology studies the development of humanities by examining people’s surviving material remains. This includes looking at tombs and temples settlements as well as skeletons and artefacts and using them to trace our economic, cultural, social and spiritual developments and achievements through time.

What is Palaeoecology?

The Study of Past Environments

Palaeoecology studies environmental evidence to assess the impact of natural events and human activities in relation to landscapes, climate and changing environments. Palaeoecology is a highly relevant study currently due to the global concerns about climate change.