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Information for Parents/Guardians

Welcome to the Parent/Guardian section of the Pathway Opportunity Programme.

Here, you will find materials and information designed to support your young person - whether they are applying for the Pathway Opportunity Programme, currently taking part in the Pathway Programme, or applying for University.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Guardians

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This page contains questions and answers about the programme, university applications, accommodation and other common queries.

FAQs for Parents/Guardians
Support Materials and Resources

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This section provides support materials for parents with students currently on the Pathway Programme or applying to university.

Key Dates and Helpful Resources
PHOTO: Michelle Edwards
Overall, the experience of being on the Pathway Opportunity Programme was amazing. I was able to experience student life and study some of the material that is covered in first year. It also enabled me to meet loads of new people and make friends. This has meant that my transition to student life was not as hard as I was expecting as I was less nervous of what was to come and I already knew people in my course! Michelle Edwards