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Browse the information below to find advice for parents and carers regarding your child’s education and future career.

There are a number of websites that provide advice for parents and carers regarding your child’s education and future career. The following websites have a range of information available on anything from helping your child choose their school subjects and helping them with their studies, to wellbeing, healthy living and motivation.

See also our study skills resource page for tips and tools on studying.

 Useful Websites

Helping your child to cope with the demands of school
This site creates a network of support that includes videos and other content shared by parents. It also provides a tips list including advice on ‘achieving goals’ or ‘making great study notes’, and information on where to find extra support, and encourages parents to share their ideas with others. Sign up for access to free study skills top tips.
Good for: sharing advice; study tips
‌‌ 'For Learning and Attention Issues’
Understood specialises in support resources for learning and attention issues. The site features an online parenting coach in the ‘Your parent toolkit’ section, where you can access advice on a number of challenges for children of all ages. Also available is a platform for sharing experiences with other parents in similar situations, and also identifies organisations that can offer extra support.
Good for: learning and attention issues; parenting coach
‘Independent ‘one stop shop’…to understand the competing choices that are available to school and college leavers’
Careers Advice for Parents is aimed at parents and carers to help their child with their career options, and has a range of sections on various topics including gap years, money matters, and distance learning, and qualifications.
Good for: money advice; exploring career options
'Simple tips to make your life easier’
 The Parenting Support Centre has a range of articles and videos on parenting that covers all age ranges, and covers home, education and health and wellbeing. The site identifies a host of useful organisations related to specific areas, including behaviour and childcare. The education section also has information universities, and tailored advice on maths and reading skills organised by age.
 Good for: video content; education


'An adult’s guide to the teenage world

Understanding Teenagers offers free resources including eBooks, for example ‘Raising Resilient Teenagers’. The focus of the site is to offer advice to help you get better at connecting with your teenager, and has a range of articles covering issues such as technology, relationships and motivation.
Good for: Free eBooks; advice articles

Child Behaviour Help

Empowering Parents covers areas such as behavioural problems, various conditions, and parenting strategies. It has expert articles from a number of child behaviour experts. Another feature included is a range of ‘behaviour charts’ to help you keep track of your child’s progress at home and at school. The site also includes a ‘School and Homework’ section, and a blog where contributors write about their own parenting experiences.  
Good for: parenting strategies; parenting blog