Senior Academy Tutors

Each year we recruit new A-Level tutors for our Senior Academy students. 
Job Purpose:
To provide one-to-one tutoring in relevant subject areas for A2 and BTEC level students participating in the Queen’s University Academy Programme, delivered throughout a range of NI locations.
Main Duties:
To explain relevant curriculum areas to students, addressing particular issues as directed by students.
To tutor fundamentals of the given subject areas.
To create a positive learning environment.
To work through examples and past papers.
To provide guidance on revision techniques and study skills for specific subject areas.
To ensure support is delivered in an accessible and timely manner.
To adhere to the Code of Conduct as issued by Queen’s University.
To complete and return all relevant paperwork for each tutor session in a timely and accurate manner.
To provide feedback to the Widening Participation Unit as requested.
To provide resources developed as part of your tutoring role to the Widening Participation unit.
*Please note that tutors are only required for listed subjects and locations. Academy students are usually allocated between 15-30 hours of tutoring. Tutors are paid £25 per hour. Each Academy student is entitled to a maximum of 30 hours of tutoring throughout the academic year; some choose to split this allocation between two subjects.