Quantum Computer Architecture

  • Quantum Computer Architecture

Quantum Computer Architecture

Principal Supervisor: Dr. J. McAllister

+ Project Description

Slowly but surely, the forty-year-old vision of quantum computers is becoming a reality. Quantum processors exist - initiatives such as the IBM Quantum Experience allow scientists to write programs and execute them on quantum computers in the cloud, right now. Whilst the most powerful uses of quantum computers require devices hosting thousands of qubits, rather than the tens currently available, the potential of quantum computers and their ability to solve problems and provide scientific insights not possible with conventional computers is steadily maturing.

However, the very strong majority of work in the field of quantum computing has been at the algorithm development and device physics level. The layers which allow the devices to be used are currently strongly under-researched and critically in need of being address. These include technologies commonplace for even the most rudimentary conventional computers: programming languages, compilers and run-times. Even fundamental problems, such as the architecture of quantum computers and processors, how they are programmed and how they may be reliably used are major open questions.

This project will address these issues. It will devise novel architectures for quantum processors, evaluate them for leading quantum algorithms in the fields of quantum chemistry and materials physics, optimise them and integrate them with quantum programming languages.

+ Objectives

• To understand the behaviour of quantum computing architectures and the classes of quantum computer architecture.
• Devise novel quantum processor/computer architectures and evaluate each for different classes of quantum algorithms.
• Propose novel programming approaches for realising quantum algorithms on the proposed architectures and develop prototype compiler software.
• Demonstrate the performance, cost and ease-of-development benefits of the proposed approaches for leading quantum algorithms.
• Present your work in leading international journals and conferences in the area.

+ How to Apply

Applicants should apply electronically through the Queen’s online application portal at:

+ Contact Details

Supervisor Name: Dr. John McAllister

Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT)



+44 (0)28 90971743