Researcher at ECIT awarded awarded honorary gold plaque for academic excellence

Muhammad Ali Babar Abbasi, a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Wireless Innovation (CWI), based at the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology at Queen’s University Belfast has been awarded a prestigious honorary gold plaque for academic excellence at the Frederick University in Cyprus.

Dr Abbasi’s award-winning thesis suggested several methodologies for the miniaturization of antennas and microwave devices. His work shows that the theoretical principles of metamaterial, metasurfaces, coupling- and stacked- resonators, when combined with the elementary Antenna and Transmission Line theory, invoke a number of innovative ways to minimize the device footprint without compromising the efficiency. Standards and specifications of next generation wireless and bio-medical applications were considered to ensure advancement in these respective scientific fields.

In his thesis, he introduced a novel compact reconfigurable phase-shifter and a microwave cross-over based on negative-refractive-index transmission-line (NRI-TL) metamaterial unit cell. He also presented a novel metasurface-based wearable sensor node and a stacked implantable node. Challenges and possible solutions for off-body, on-body, through-body and across-body communication were investigated with an aid of computationally extensive simulations and experimental verifications.

Dr Abbasi commented: “The work I do is challenging, but promises to impact lives in the future for the better. When I look at how much the number of new wireless applications and the demands for novel wireless solutions has increased in the past ten years, it’s staggering. Now it is down to invention and imagination of the engineers being able to use their creativity and vision to frame the finest device architectures.”

Dr Abbasi’s thesis can be found here: