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Module D Social Media and Email Quiz

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Module D Social Media & Email Quiz
Compare the two emails below. Then think about the two questions which follow.

Email A

To: Helen Brown



From: “TheBloggster” <>


                Whens the deadline for r first assignment

                Sent from my Samsung

Email B

To: Helen Brown


Subject Query re. Deadline for first assignment on Example Module 007


Dear Professor Brown,

I am a first year student on your Example Module 007 course. You

mentioned in this week’s class that our first assignment was due soon.

I have checked my course emails and the module handbook and have asked

some other students in the class but have been unable to find the exact

submission date for this piece of work.

Would you be able tell me when the deadline is, or point me to where I

could find this information?

Many thanks,


Joe Bloggs |Student Number 12345678

A mobile phone with Facebook login screen displayed with scrabble letters beside it spelling Social Media
Think About Both Emails
Having read both emails, consider in your own time the following questions
  1. Which do you think gives the better impression of the student sending it?
  2. If the lecturer only had time to answer one of these emails before going into a meeting, which do think is the more likely to receive a reply?

True or False?

You should regularly review your privacy settings on all your social media accounts

According to a recent survey most employers said that they will look at the social media profiles of job applicants?*

(* Survey of 550 Managers Last accessed 08.02.2019)

According to a recent survey more than 1 in 10 people in Northern Ireland have posted something online which they later regretted*