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Independent Human Rights Act Review Roadshow

Legal Column
May 13, 2021
17:00 - 19:00
Free of charge

The Independent Human Rights Act Review (IHRAR, launched in December 2020, has been established to examine the framework of the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA), how it is operating in practice and whether any change is required. The review is being conducted by a Panel of eight members, chaired by Sir Peter Gross, a former judge of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales.

Following the close of IHRAR’s call for evidence, members of the IHRAR Panel are participating in a series of public events hosted by universities across the United Kingdom. They aim to engage and hear views from a wide range of interested parties to help inform their deliberations.

The IHRAR Panel and Queen’s University Belfast would like to invite members of the public to join this conversation on the Human Rights Act and their Review at 17.00 – 19.00 on 13 May 2021. The event will start with a discussion, led by Professor Richard English from the University, in conjunction with Sir Peter Gross and Panel Members Baroness O’Loan, Professor Tom Mullen, and Lisa Giovanetti QC, on the background and context of the HRA and its role within our legal system. Following this, there will be a more specific discussion focussed on each of the questions in IHRAR’s Terms of Reference. In this part of the event the Panel will be primarily in listening mode, looking to hear views.

The event will be of interest to experts in the field, as well as those with an interest in human rights and their application in the UK and its legal jurisdictions. For each part of the discussion, participants will have the opportunity to submit comments and questions when registering. We will endeavour to offer the opportunity to speak to as many people who make such submissions as possible.


Facilitated discussion on the Human Rights Act 1998

This discussion will be led by Professor Richard English from Queen’s University Belfast, in conjunction with Sir Peter Gross and other panel members.

Potential topics to be covered:

- Background of the Human Rights Act and the UK’s contribution to the Convention. The intellectual underpinnings of the idea of “bringing rights home”

- The difference between the Human Rights Act and the Convention

- The role of the ECtHR and how it interacts with national courts

- The impact of the HRA on everyday life and famous cases

- Devolution and national context


Discussion on the Terms of Reference

This will be a focussed discussion on the two themes set out in the Review’s Terms of Reference, focussing on:

• The relationship between domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR)

• The impact of the HRA on the relationship between the judiciary, the executive and the legislature

For the full list of questions being considered by the Panel, please refer to the Review’s Terms of Reference document.

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