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Annual CWI Symposium 2021 - Creating Future Connected Spaces

From AI-based Communications to Advanced Materials

May 26, 2021 - May 27, 2021
09:25 - 12:45

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the 2021 instalment of the Centre for Wireless Innovation (CWI) Symposium. This year we have adopted the theme of “Creating Future Connected Spaces”, which we feel will be one of the next big challenges for scientists and engineers working in communications.

At our last symposium in 2019, we focussed on “Wireless Communications for Densely Populated Environments”. Little did we know how much things were going change over the course of 2020 and that the words “Densely Populated” would become a bit of a taboo. Nonetheless, throughout the current crisis our communications infrastructure has been at the forefront, helping to connect work colleagues, friends and family as well as keeping the economy running!

While use cases may have evolved, the fundamentals remain the same – we need to use spectrum as efficiently and effectively as possible, conserving power, but still delivering seamless access to services. With all of this in mind, the aim of the symposium will be to imagine what future radio environments might look like …

Initially glancing towards the sky and the role aerial devices will play in delivering ubiquitous connectivity, we will turn our attention to understanding how we can exploit intelligence to make wireless ‘things’ work smarter. Underlying our vision of future connected spaces is the ability to leverage breakthroughs in materials and surfaces, principally to manipulate how our data is propagated through wireless networks. I am happy to say we have this covered too.

Despite the increased pressures on everyone’s diaries introduced by the pandemic, we have been able to recruit some of the leading authorities from academia and industry around the globe to help us discuss and shape this vision. You can find the list of Speakers below.

I very much look forward to meeting you at our online event. In the interim if you want to find out more about the Centre for Wireless Innovation and what we do, please visit .

Professor Simon L. Cotton

Director, Centre for Wireless Innovation

Queen’s University Belfast



Day One - Wednesday 26 May 2021 (times: GMT)

14:00 Welcome, Professor Emma Flynn, Pro-VC Research & Enterprise, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB)
14:05 Welcome, Professor Simon Cotton, Director, Centre for Wireless Innovation, QUB
14:10 Introduction, Professor Vince Fusco, CTO, Institute of Electronics, Communications & Information Technology (ECIT), QUB
Session 1 Satellite and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communications beyond 2025 Chair: Professor Trung Q. Duong, QUB
14:20 Professor Symeon Chatzinotas, University of Luxemburg, Luxemburg
14:40 Paul Febvre, CTO, Satellite Applications Catapult, UK
15:00 Professor Walid Saad, Virginia Tech, USA
15:20 Panel Discussion: Professor Symeon Chatzinotas, Paul Febvre, Professor Walid Saad, Moderator: Prof Trung Q. Duong, QUB
15:40 Break
Session 2 AI-Empowered Wireless Networks
Chair: Professor Michalis Matthaiou, QUB
15:45 Dr Jakob Hoydis, Nokia Bell Labs, France
16:05 Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, University of Bristol, UK
16:25 Dr Howard Benn, Samsung Electronics R&D Institute, UK
16:45 Panel Discussion: Dr Jakob Hoydis, Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, Dr Howard Benn, Moderator: Professor Michalis Matthaiou, QUB
17:05 Summary, Prof Simon Cotton
17:10 End of Day One

Day Two - Thursday 27 May 2021 (times: GMT)

09:25 Welcome, Professor Chris Johnson, Pro-VC Engineering & Physical Sciences, QUB
Session 3 Reconfigurable Metasurfaces for Smart Radio
Chair: Professor Vince Fusco, QUB
09:30 Professor Rui Zhang, National University of Singapore, Singapore
09:50 Professor Emil Björnson, KTH / Linköping University, Sweden
10:10 Dr Vincenzo Sciancalepore, NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany
10:30 Dr Geoffroy Lerosey, Greenerwave, France
10:50 Panel Discussion: Prof Rui Zhang, Prof Emil Björnson, Dr Vincenzo Sciancalepore, Dr Geoffroy Lerosey, Moderator: Dr Okan Yurduseven, QUB
11:10 Break
Session 4 Advanced materials for Emerging Wireless Applications
Chair: Professor Simon Cotton, QUB
11:20 Professor Tie Jun Cui, Southeast University, China
11:40 Professor Yang Hao, Queen Mary University of London, UK
12:00 Dr Okan Yurduseven, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
12:20 Panel Discussion: Professor Tie Jun Cui, Professor Yang Hao, Dr Okan Yurduseven, Moderator: Professor Vince Fusco, QUB
12:40 Summary, Professor Simon Cotton, QUB
12:45 Close of Symposium

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