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Creative Thinking Part 2: FourSight® Reveal - Understanding your creative mindset

Ever wondered how your thinking style shapes the ways in which you approach work and collaborate with others? Join us for an insight!

January 25, 2024
Isdell Courtyard, Riddel Hall
10:00 - 13:00

Ever wondered how your thinking style shapes the ways in which you approach work and collaborate with others? Join us for an insightful and practical understanding of your preferences in the problem solving process!

FourSight® is an international innovation company dedicated to the science of good. The “FourSight® Mindset Reveal” is a group training session that dives deep into the way people solve problems together. Content-rich, fun and immediately actionable, this engaging session introduces people to the mindset they need to spark and sustain more innovative problem solving. Grounded in research, FourSight® reveals people’s unique thinking preferences for clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing. Hands-on activities promote insights that help participants anticipate strengths and blind spots when they collaborate with others.Through a fun, interactive exercise, participants learn about their own preferences and the preferred style of others and then consider how that may impact on professional working relationships, team performance and the formation of teams for particular tasks.

About the programme

This is the second workshop of a six-part series. Participants are welcome to attend as many sessions as they would like; attendance at all is not required.

Rejig is a design thinking consultancy based in Belfast. Working within the education, charity and private sectors we help clients tackle complex challenges by building creative confidence and leveraging innovative thinking styles.

We are delighted to offer this series of six experiential workshops, which will take you through the tried and tested Rejig practices and processes. All of our workshops are energetic, totally hands on and participants learn by doing. We use creative thinking tools and processes to help build a culture of collaboration with a real focus on mindset and the opportunity to experience how these tools and processes look, feel and sound in action. We create opportunities for participants to collaborate, listen with respect, learn from each other and re-inject fun while doing this. We help people build a common language to collaborate.

Though interconnected, these workshops also stand alone. Join for one, or all, workshops. With limited places, early registration is advised. We look forward to meeting/working with you!

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