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Future Ready - How to Find a Job

Need help navigating the job market?

November 17, 2020
Microsoft Teams
10:00 - 13:00

This virtual workshop is designed to help you cut through the confusion of employment after the PhD. Together we will explore how to effectively use job search engines, get insights into predictions for the job market up to 2030 and learn how to market your academic skills in non-academic environments.

Meet the Consultant

This virtual workshop will be led by Dr Lilian Simones, Researcher Development Consultant at the Graduate School. Dr Simones supports and guides PhD students and early career researchers and helps them to navigate the next steps in their chosen career paths. An experienced researcher, Lilian has a multidisciplinary background, combining Psychology, Education, Gesture Studies and Music.

*Students who attend all twelve virtual workshops (below), equivalent to six full days of training, integral to the Future Ready Programme the academic year 2020 – 2021 will be eligible for the Researcher Plus award.

·         Your Academic Cover Letter: 29/09/20

·         Your Non-Academic Cover Letter: 13/10/20

·         Your Academic CV: 06/10/20

·         Your Non-Academic CV: 20/10/20

·         Succeeding in Academic Interviews: 27/10/20

·         Succeeding in Non-Academic Interviews: 03/11/20

·         Writing Effective Funding Proposals:10/11/20

·         How to Find a Job:17/11/20

·         Employer Engagement Event: 24/11/20

·         Commercialising Your Research: 26/11/20

·         Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today 12/11/20

·         Project Management and Your Research: 29/10/20