How to Peer Review

Learn how to peer-review articles in your specialist field.

March 23, 2021
Microsoft Teams
10:00 - 13:00

Being a peer reviewer is an essential step for those intending to pursue an academic career, and as an early career researcher, it is vital that you familiarise yourself with the process of peer reviewing. Peer reviewers are invited to read articles submitted to academic journals for publication critically, and then either suggest that it is accepted, rejected, or most frequently, revised and improved before it is published. In this workshop, Gain insights that you can apply to your writing when working towards publication and maximise your own chances of getting your articles accepted.

Meet the Consultant

This virtual workshop will be led by Dr Lilian Simones, Researcher Development Consultant at the Graduate School. Dr Simones supports and guides PhD students and early career researchers and helps them to navigate the next steps in their chosen career paths. An experienced researcher, Lilian has a multidisciplinary background, combining Psychology, Education, Gesture Studies and Music.

The Graduate School
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