Patent Management, strategy and sufficiency

This workshop will take participants through patent management, patent strategy and the sufficiency of data required to support a patent application.

December 10, 2020
11:00 - 12:15

The session will cover the question of how the patentability of a patent application is judged and in particular how much evidence or data is needed to support an ‘inventive step’

Courts increasingly consider the ‘plausibility’ of the scope of patent rights being claimed, in the light of the data or examples submitted, and ‘common sense’.

Participants will engage with the questions of “how much data do I have” versus “how much data do I need” to support patentability. In particular, “Is my alleged invention ‘credible’ before Patent Offices and Courts”?

This workshop will be delivered by Helen Lavery, Patent Scientist at Murgitroyd .

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