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Preparing for the Viva

Are you a PhD student in years 2 or 3, who would like to learn more about the Viva and start to prepare to defend your Doctoral Thesis?

July 29, 2021
10:00 - 13:00

Learn how to survive the Viva process.In this virtual workshop you will gain insights into what the Viva is, its purpose and process, view a range of common Viva questions and identify strategies for answering these questions while having the opportunity to practice your delivery.

Meet the Consultant

This virtual workshop will be led by Dr Lilian Simones, Researcher Development Consultant at the Graduate School. Dr Simones supports and guides PhD students and early career researchers and helps them to navigate the next steps in their chosen career paths. An experienced researcher, Lilian has a multidisciplinary background, combining Psychology, Education, Gesture Studies and Music.