Postgraduate community and connections


Postgraduate Community and connections

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The Graduate School offers you a world-class intellectual and social hub that connects students from all disciplines to one another, and to mentors and leaders from the worlds of business, politics, industry, media, and the creative, cultural and charity sectors.

Being part of The Graduate School gives you the opportunity to shape this community from the inside.

Celebrating and negotiating diverse perspectives – whether cultural, generational, disciplinary or linguistic – is the cornerstone of everything we do, because that’s how we believe new ideas emerge, and to quote philosopher Isaiah Berlin, ‘ideas matter’.  In a world increasingly defined as ‘post-truth’, where decision-making relies more and more on the power to evoke feelings, universities have an urgent role to play in productively negotiating difference through the ethical exchange of knowledge and ideas.


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The Graduate School hosts a week-long range of activities every September, designed to help you, as a new postgraduate, make connections and navigate your personal skills development. Find out about our innovative Graduate School programmes, meet support staff and gain an introduction to our training, services and opportunities available.

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Students share their thoughts on our programmes and facilities.

"the programme encourages you to set out your initial thoughts on paper and gradually helps you to develop a business model, while providing genuine insight into the overall viability of your venture"
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