Types of events

Types of Events

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What we Offer

Events at The Graduate School

At the Graduate School, we believe the world needs people who challenge orthodox thinking; debate accepted ideas and confront the status quo; people who see the world differently.

We recognise the extraordinary possibilities of thinking that is disruptive, divergent, challenging and unbounded.

Together, we have the potential to build a creative and intellectual powerhouse, and to open up new ways of tackling global challenges

We invite all of our postgraduate students to join our thriving intellectual exchange, which is actively supported by a packed calendar of talks, events, masterclasses, workshops and seminars.

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Join us

Come and be inspired

Our events run the gamut from employability, enterprise and innovation workshops to professional and research skills training, as well as though-provoking talks from local and global leaders.

Some of the inspiring names to give talks at the Graduate School include Peter Worth, from Stanford University whose work is dedicated to helping school leaders hack their school cultures toward deeper learning; Mark Dowds a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, who has founded companies in the USA and Canada, and legal eagle and TED speaker Dorcas Crawford.

Join a multi-disciplinary team to tackle real-world challenges through our IMPACT Social Innovation Challenge or take your start-up from conception to reality with our Kick Start Accelerator Summer School.

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Reach your full potential

Imagine the possibilities

Many of our events are left-field, designed to fire your imagination, stimulate your intellect and boost your confidence among your peers.

Human Bingo, for example, is designed to make it easy for you to meet your fellow postgraduate students, while Scholar Workshops allow you to engage with the work of major scholars from around the world.

We’ll give you the opportunity to:

  • Hear from inspirational speakers, key employers and business mentors
  • Learn how to present with impact, and across digital channels
  • Discover innovative ways of communicating your research
  • Hone your pitching, writing or researching skills
  • Meet and present to stakeholders
  • Use design thinking to grow your business idea
  • Collaborate in interactive, multi-disciplinary research sandpits
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Past & Present Postgraduate-Led Initiatives

Omani National Day

Cultural Celebration

Oman National Day is celebrated on the 18 November. The purpose of the Omani national Day event was to share the Omani heritage with different cultures, and to tell them what Oman is about. As a small Omani community in Belfast, this event provided an opportunity to celebrate with colleagues, friends, and staff at Queen's.

Organising such an event required proper planning, structuring, determination and initiative to lead. 

The event hosted around 250 attendees from various schools around the campus. Activities held during the day included talks, a photo exhibition and henna tattoos application. Guests were able to view catalogue and brochures collections. Attendees were also able to experience Omani costumes and music first hand.


Research Culture

This postgaduate-led initiative provided the opportunity for female students to listen to female guest speakers who have established positions in their fields of work. The aim was for students to hear from a range of speakers across different disciplines and be inspired by their stories.

Among the speakers were Marie-Louise Muir, presenter off The Arts Show and expert on females in the arts in Northern Ireland. Also speaking was Grainia Long (Belfast City Council's Commissioner for Resilience) and Medbh McGuckian (Award Winning Poet). The event also served the purpose of launching Herstory's QUB Women in the Arts Lean In Circle.

STEM Ambassador Training

Research Culture

This activity trained 51 undergraduates, post-graduates and staff to organise and run STEM events for school children, developing all 5 postgraduate pillars. Julia Carson, Programme Manager for the UK STEM Ambassador Hub along with her colleague, Conor McKenna ran the STEM Ambassador training course enabling both students and staff to receive free Enhanced Disclosure Checks and be fully trained in a very short space of time.

This event appealed to staff and students who currently help at out-reach events run by QUB, but who do not avail of the external career credit or who have not maximised their training and skill development to help in their activities.

Not only did the proposed activities benefit the students who attended, STEM is an extremely important initiative to the University and School. The School recognises that one major issues with recruiting top students, is that many are uninformed at school level about the requirements for studying STEM subjects at university. As a result, many make GCSE and A-level subject choices that mean they will not be able to follow STEM subjects at university. The specific issue for this School is that many students do not keep studying maths into A-level. 




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Mindful Meditation

Wellbeing Initiative

Mindful Meditation integrates mindful movement, relaxation and seated meditation.

The classes enabled students the opportunity to de-stress from everyday life and helped them to remain calm and focused. They also provided a foundation for increasing reflectiveness, resiliency and self-awareness. This initiative was open to all postgraduate students and was a drop-in, so there was no need to register.

The weekly classes were led by Orla Wallace held in the Wellbeing Room of the Main Site Tower building across lunch and were a collaborative effort between two doctoral students from the School of Psychology and Arts, English and Languages.

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PG Book Club

Research Culture

Reading groups are a great way for intellectual stimulation, expanding personal knowledge, but most importantly they are a social experience.

The aim of PG Book Club is to share in the passion of reading, to take some time out from academic work and meet new people. The club provides a safe and warm channel to exchange and challenge ideas, encouraging self-expression while enhancing your critical thinking.

PG Book Club runs on the first and third Tuesday of every month in the Graduate School from 17.00-19.00. During these sessions participants have the chance to prompt their interests and propose readings to share with the rest of the group, allowing members to pick up books that they normally wouldn’t consider, discussing the most salient and interesting aspects.

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Sample Activities



> Inspirational Speakers
> Presentations Skills – Presenting with impact
> Presenting across video & social media
> Pitch your business idea, pitch your research
> Concept Album Talks
> Viva Video Training
> Academic Writing Support



> Leading Your PhD
> PGT leadership Programme
> Postgraduate-Led Community Events & Conferences 
> Peer Mentoring
> Managing Differentiation
> Management Mentoring



> Global Entrepreneurship Week 
> Innovation Camp
> Innovation Academy
> Business Planning Workshops
> Business Mentoring 
> Enterprise within academia
> Enterprise Competitions



> Research Sandpits
> Interdisciplinary Workshops & problem solving workshops
> Big Thinkers Series
> What is Knowledge? Series
> Research Methods – Specific to each faculty
> Researcher Poster Competition



> Career Talks with key employers
> Employer led skills sessions
> CV drop in
> Careers one to one support for PGR Students
> Open days
> Researcher Plus Award
> Degree Plus Award



> Meditation Sessions
> Student led initiatives and conferences
> Postgraduate Welcome Week
> Christmas gatherings
> Coffee catch-ups
> Dissertation writing bootcamp
> Postgraduate writing retreats