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Student resources, support and guidance

Queen’s University Belfast offers a range of support and guidance to their students, including tutor guidance, course handouts, online CMI resources, access to the Management Direct portal and relevant publications during the course and for 12 months after the qualification completion date.

If any student at any time during the course feels they need any individual support, you can talk to Alison Cromie in confidence.


An important source of study support will be students’ entitlement to free membership of the CMI throughout the course and for 12 months after qualification.  Should you have any problems with accessing your CMI membership, please contact the Postgraduate Engagement Team at or tel +44 (0) 28 9097 5049.

CMI Tools, Support and Advice

As a CMI member you will have access to the CMI the following CMI tools and support:

  • ManagementDirect provides the videos, checklists and information you need on tackling any work-based situation or challenge. You can also use it to engage in Continuous Professional Development, giving you that competitive edge.
  • Networking & mentoring  programme to learn from mentors who have already been there and done that. Build your own professional network by attending events in your regional area   CMI Regional Northern Ireland Board.
  • Career Development Centre an online portal providing CV building and review services, an interview simulator, a job search engine and self-development tests, all designed to help you navigate the competitive job market.
  • LinkedIn Badging you will get an ACMI LinkedIn badge to display on your profile. Show recruiters, employers, and the rest of the world, that you mean business.
  • Pathway to Chartered Manager
  • Being a CMI member puts you on a progression pathway to Chartered Manager, the highest award you can achieve in the management profession.
Online resources

Queen's Resources:

Referencing tutorials and a reference generator are available from Cite2Write

Students will be asked to submit their work via TurnItIn - further instructions will be provided. 

OneNote Class Notebook for CMI Level 7 Certificate:

Further course and unit information will be shared on a dedicated OneNote Class Notebook - click here to access. 

Management Direct:

    • Complete self-assessments and create your own learning journeys
    • Access to hundreds of books, articles, and reports
    • Find definitions and further reading for key concepts
    • Multimedia features include:
      • Interviews with leaders from various industries
      • E-modules
      • Interactive Scenarios
    • Download best practice checklists and document templates
Management Direct Features: Full Demonstration Video: