What are the Benefits?

Enhance Employability

Personal and Professional Development

Enhance your employability and demonstrate your leadership capacity: develop an understanding of key management and leadership strategies whilst earning an accredited qualification.

What are the benefits of a professional qualification in Strategic Management and Leadership?

The Graduate School at Queen's is unique in offering this certificate that can be added to your postgraduate degree, giving you a new area of expertise to complement your specialist knowledge. 

10 reasons to complete a CMI accredited Level 7 Certificate at the Graduate School:

  • Earn an Internationally Recognised Qualification
    The certificate is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) - a chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence - and is recognised and respected worldwide. 
  • Become a CMI Member
    Connect to other leaders and access cutting-edge leadership thinking and knowledge with CMI associate membership while you complete the certificate and 12 months after completion.
  • Stand Out to Employers
    Gain leadership experience and demonstrate a range of skills in addition to your academic expertise.
  • Access a Wealth of Knowledge on Management Direct
    For the duration of the course, you will have access to all CMI resources on Management Direct, an online resource gateway that includes everything from practical advice and career planning tools to academic articles and interviews with cutting edge leaders.
  • Enhance your Student Experience
    Effectively manage key elements of your degree through development of optimum administration, performance management and productive working relationships. 
  • Learn new Skills to Enhance your Personal Development
    Develop an understanding of the principles of management and leadership; learn strategies and put knowledge into practice. Have what it takes to commit to undertaking a professional qualification alongside your degree.
  • Meet your Peers
    This will provide an excellent opportunity to meet PGT and PGR students from across a range of disciplines.
  • Become more Marketable
    A qualification speaks volumes to prospective employers, giving you the advantage when looking for your next career move.
  • Perform Better
    Apply strategic thinking to the postgraduate environment, reflect on your strengths and aspire to become a future leader.
  • Chance to 'Think' and 'Do'
    We have constructed the course to build in opportunities to test your abilities and develop new skills, and reflect on how that shapes you as a leader.

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