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For information on student and programme eligibility, loan types and amounts please see our U.S. Loan webpage here

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

The University is required to establish a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy in accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations. Student eligibility for U.S. Federal Loans is dependent on meeting SAP standards. Student records are reviewed at the end of each payment period to ensure students are making adequate progress towards completing their degree programmes.

SAP Policy

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA) is an estimation of how much it will cost you to study at Queen's for one year. The COA is reviewed every year. For further information and a sample COA please see our COA webpage. COA 2019-20

Additional information

Tuition and fees

Books and supplies-Your School will confirm if any book purchases are required. Otherwise the McClay Library should meet most of your needs. 

Room and board

Transportation-Queen's Accommodation is a 15min walk to campus and there are buses that pass every 15mins. 



How to Apply and Receiving your Loan

Return to Title IV Policy

If you borrow U.S. Federal Loans to study at Queen's and then you withdraw from your programme, we are required to calculate the amount of aid you have earned using a formula provided by the U.S. Department of Education. Please see our Return to Title IV policy for further information. 

Return to Title IV Policy 


Default Prevention and Management Plan for U.S. Federal Direct Loans

Queen’s University Belfast endeavours to help students manage their U.S. Federal loans, understand the responsibilities of borrowing and to reduce the number of students who default on their loan repayments. Please see our Default Prevention and Management Plan for information on what students can do now to reduce the risk of default. 

Default Prevention and Management Plan

What can students do now?

By keeping up to date with your loans and making informed financial decisions, you can effectively manage your loans and avoid default. The following steps will ensure you have a good start to managing your student loans:

  • Understand what you owe by visiting
  • Understand the financial obligations for each loan borrowed
  • Become more comfortable with financial literacy information by viewing the support videos available at
  • Review the option of making payments while in School which can reduce the total cost
  • Understand the consequences of default at
  • Keep your UK and US contact details on Qsis up to date 
  • Use the repayment estimator to obtain a preliminary plan


Additional Financial Aid Information

Please see Federal Student Aid and Student Loans for student loan information published by Department of Education. Key information can be found below. 



Important information for prospective and enrolled students


Data security


For information about ways we collect and use your personal data please refer to the University’s Student Privacy Notice at


The PG awards team will process your personal data for the purposes of administrating and monitoring your loans and release such data to the U.S. Department of Education. For example: we are required to submit your enrolment information to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) which will be accessible to lenders, guaranty agencies and schools. 


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