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 Queen's University: Programme details and Statistics

The accrediting agencies and governmental bodies that approve, accredit or license Queen’s are the Quality Assurance Agency for UK Higher Education and the Department for Employment and Learning.  For information on any relevant professional bodies specific to your program of study – please contact your academic School.

Queen's University Policies and Procedures

 Sources of help and support:

    • Missing Student Protocol: The missing student notification process is part of the procedures within the Queen’s Serious Incident Protocol.  Should a student have any concerns about another resident within University accommodation, they should bring this to the attention of a Residential Assistant, Community Youth Worker or member of the Security team via Reception.  If the missing student is not resident within Accommodation, a concern may be raised via any member of academic School staff.
    • Health and Vaccinations: Incoming students do not require vaccinations. For further information please see the University Health Centre at Queen’s.
  • Fire Safety: The University’s Fire Safety Policy is available online.  Fire and near miss reports are prepared and kept centrally by the University Fire Safety Officer.

Fire Incidents

    • During the last three years, there have been two fire incidents in student accommodation; both were minor – no persons were injured or killed as a result of these incidents and the emergency fire services were not required. Property damage did not exceed £100,000.
    • Every student accommodation unit has a Category L1 automatic fire detection and alarm system (the highest available category) and is fitted with appropriate portable fire extinguishers. All student accommodation security, cleaning and maintenance staff receive annual fire safety awareness and fire extinguisher training; Residential Assistants receive the same training as part of induction on appointment.
    • Students receive fire safety induction and are assessed on their understanding of this. Remedial training is provided for students who contravene any of Queen’s fire safety arrangements.  Disciplinary action may also be taken with regard to any contravention related to the Code of Conduct.
    • Supervised evacuation drills are carried out and recorded once per semester, the procedure is that all occupants leave immediately on hearing the fire alarm and report to the designated assembly point; Security personnel check that the building has been fully evacuated.
    • Fires are reported initially to University Security, who assess the situation and summon the Fire and Rescue Service if necessary and inform relevant personnel including the University Fire Safety officer and the Accommodation Facilities Manager.
    • Other relevant information is included in the Conditions of Occupancy issued to each resident on induction.