Default Prevention and Management

Default Prevention and Management Plan for US Federal Direct Loans

Queen’s University Belfast endeavours to help students manage their US Federal loans, understand the responsibilities of borrowing and to reduce the number of students who default on their loan repayments.  

What can students do now?

By keeping up to date with your loans and making informed financial decisions, you can effectively manage your loans and avoid default. The following steps will ensure you have a good start to managing your student loans:

  • Understand what you owe by visiting
  • Understand the financial obligations for each loan borrowed
  • Become more comfortable with financial literacy information by viewing the support videos available at
  • Review the option of making payments while in School which can reduce the total cost
  • Understand the consequences of default at
  • Keep your UK and US contact details on Qsis up to date 
  • Use the repayment estimator to obtain a preliminary plan

The following default prevention and management activities carried out by the University can be viewed here:

Entrance Counselling and Exit Counselling

Financial Literacy for Borrowers


Enrolment Reporting

Satisfactory Academic progress (SAP)

Data analysis to identify common characteristics among defaulters