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The Future of The Corporation, Economy and Society

A Debate in Queen's University Belfast in Association with The British Academy

Council Chamber, Lanyon Building
Doors Open 4.30pm

Registration is not required and seats will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Refreshments will be served in the Canada room following the debate.

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Religion & The Disciplines

Theology & Neuroscience

This seminar series aims to cultivate conversations between a range of academic disciplines and religious and theological inquiry.

While recognizing the importance of the study of religion, the series seeks to move in a different direction by taking seriously religious thought for carrying out conceptual and empirical work in other disciplinary contexts.

Rather than treating religion as merely the object of disciplinary inquiry, the seminars will explore such issues as the use of religious or theological categories for understanding a range of natural or social phenomenon.

The series will also tackle the methodological and epistemological challenges raised by this critical dialogue. 

PhD Afternoon Tea with Professor Jannette Elwood

Dean of Graduate Studies at AHSS

Tuesday 5 February, 15.00-16.30, Canada Room

Professor Jannette Elwood invites you to attend an Afternoon Tea in the Candada Room on 5 February. We look forward to seeing you there. A range of delicious treats, along with tea and coffee, will be available.

This event is open to all post graduate research students, within AHSS, at all stages of their career. Sign up now via Eventbrite

This event will provide you with the opportunity:

  • to network with your peers
  • provide an open forum to discuss what you need as a research student
  • talk about research culture within our instituion
  • and workshop ideas for events you would like to see happen
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Careers, Employability & Skills

Go Global Mini Fair

Explore the World

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Australia / Canada University Exchange Programme 2019/20

Information Sessions

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Students' Union

Inspiring Leaders

Are you a volunteer in a position of leadership?

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Homework Clubs

Help local children and young people improve their study skills

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Institute of Irish Studies

Institute of Irish Studies

What's on

  • Book Launch
  • Irish Studies Postgraduate Workshop
  • Irish Studies Seminar Series - Spring 2019

Book Launch

Book Launch of Dr Guy Beiner’s new book, Forgetful Remembrance: Social Forgetting and Vernacular Historiography of a Rebellion in Ulster (OUP, 2018)

Thursday 24 January at 5pm in Lanyon 0G.074.

All Welcome!

Irish Studies Postgraduate Workshop

Friday 25 January 10-11.30am in the Irish Studies Seminar Room, 27 University Square, First Floor, 01.003.

Dr Guy Beiner: ‘History and memory through the looking glass: When does forgetting begin?’

When does social forgetting begin? The sequence appears self-evident: first events are experienced, then they are remembered, and ultimately, they are forgotten. Hence, history is followed by memory, which wanes with time, so that, after due delay, forgetting sets in. On further thought, the notion of a neat linear succession may prove misleading. It could be argued that remembrance commences much earlier than is intuitively expected and that concerns of forgetting, though often unnoticed, may even be raised in advance of the unravelling of historical events.’ (Beiner, Forgetful Remembrance, p. 46).

In the workshop, we will work through this conundrum and try and put some order into the puzzling relationships that tie history to memory and forgetting. This will be done by introducing and unpacking the seemingly paradoxical concepts of ‘Prememory’ and ‘Pre-Forgetting’, which may prove to be useful tools for those interested in the study of commemoration and social remembrance.

Recommended preliminary reading: Guy Beiner, ‘Probing the Boundaries of Irish Memory: From Postmemory to Prememory and Back’ in Irish Historical Studies, 39, no. 154 (2014), pp 296-307.

All QUB postgrads and staff welcome.

Irish Studies Seminar Series - Spring 2019

The Institute of Irish Studies welcomes staff and students to its interdisciplinary Irish Studies Seminar Series this semester. The next seminar is on Monday 28 January at 4.30pm in the Irish Studies Seminar Room (27 University Square, First Floor, 01.003). Everyone is welcome!

See the Spring 2019 Seminar Series here: https://www.qub.ac.uk/schools/IrishStudiesGateway/NewsandEvents/


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Postgraduate-Led Initiatives


A Dance for All

What do we do?
Learn popular pop/K-pop dance repertoires, such as "BBoom BBoom". Enjoy a mid-week break from your study.

Every first and Last Wednesday of the month, 19:00-20:00. This is an ongoing dance group for 2018-2019, Starting in October, twice a month.

13 University Square, Performance Room OG:10

If you interested please do not hesitate to contact wwu05@qub.ac.uk for more info.

Bio of group organizer

Ting is currently a PhD student and also an experienced dance performer, workshop facilitator and has taught ethnomusicology dance ensemble for the past three years at Queens and performed at Belfast culture night, BBC creative festival etc as well as local festivals over the past five years.

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