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Before graduation

Graduation Fees

Once you have registered for graduation, the next stage is to pay the appropriate fee.

Attending £47
Attending (School of Nursing) £52 (including badge)
In Absentia £10
In Absentia (School of Nursing) £15 (includes badge)

The Graduation charge will cover the hire of your Academic Costume, Degree Parchment, Ceremony Programme and Alumni Communications. 


Students will be charged an additional £10 for each guest ticket. This covers admission to the Ceremony and the Garden party. 


Making Your Payment

Payment must be made by the specifed deadline in order to receive your tickets and to collect your gown. Your tickets will be emailed to your Queen's email account, two days before your Ceremony, provided payment has been made. The receipt section must be retained and presented when collecting your gown at the times indicated on the reference page.

  • On-Line: Pay your graduation fees at the point of registration. 
  • In Person*: Student Finance Office, Level 1 of the Student Guidance Centre, University Road.
  • Over the Phone: Make a payment by contacting the Student Finance Office on 028 9097 3223


    Please note that if you are graduating in absentia, you must pay the £10 in absentia fee before your parchment will be released

 * If you are paying in person you MUST retain your receipt (the reference page stamped by the Student Finance Office) to enable you to collect your gown.

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