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2018 graduation news archive

Brooklyn native Sherlly graduates with dream degree in law

Sherlly Alceus will graduate today (Monday 2 July) with an LLB in Law

Sherlly Alceus

Sherlly Alceus will today (Monday 2 July) graduate with a 2:1 in Law (LLB Law) from the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast. 

Sherlly, who is originally from Brooklyn, New York City, decided to come to Belfast to study at Queen’s University just over three years ago to fulfil her dream of one day becoming a judge. 

Speaking about her decision to study at Queen’s, Sherlly said: “It has always been a dream of mine to one day become a judge. I met a retired judge on my way back from China who recommended Queen’s University Belfast to me when I described some of my goals in life. I’ve always wanted to practice international law and felt I would have a better experience if I did my degree internationally. I’m so glad I did.

“While most of my time was either in classes or tucked up in the McClay library for hours on end, I did participate in a number of activities that shaped my time at University including the mental health fashion show, InnovateHer, and salsa lessons.

“The careers office at Queen’s was very influential in my decisions about my career and the law school’s staff and professors were great at helping me ease my worries. The Students’ Union had a great deal of resources available, and allowed me to engage in experiences that I never thought I would. The University’s Physical Education Centre even played a role in helping me keep a routine to ease stress.”

As an international student, Sherlly enjoyed using her free time to travel and explore parts of the UK, Ireland and Europe which were all on her doorstep: “Living here in Northern Ireland I took advantage of travelling whenever possible. One of my favourite moments was during my first year when I went on a one-day getaway for international students to the North Coast, which was amazing to see other parts of beautiful ‘Norn Iron’ that existed outside of Belfast.”

Reflecting on her time at University, Sherlly added: “My time at Queen’s meant not just attending a world-class institution and getting an excellent education, but also being exposed to opportunities that I wouldn’t have been exposed to or had made available to me in the U.S., such as the London Law Tour where I was exposed to many of the world’s top law firms.

“I cannot find a word or phrase to express my gratitude for the education I have received and the satisfaction and happiness of having been able to prove that I could achieve this dream.”

After graduation Sherlly plans on travelling before going back home to Brooklyn and taking up some work experience opportunities whilst she studies to take the New York Bar in February 2019.


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