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  • Summer Graduation 2016 Archive

Will to succeed reaps rewards for US graduate


Graduation is set to be an extra special day occasion for one Queen’s student today having overcome a series of challenges during her degree.

Chelsea Goodwin who graduates today with a joint BA in English and Politics, lapsed into a diabetic coma days before the start of her second year of her degree, and remained in a critical condition for days. Even when it became apparent that her condition was no longer life-threatening, she was advised by her doctors to consider delaying her studies until the next year, something Chelsea refused to do.

To add to the drama, Chelsea’s mother was thousands of miles away in Islamabad, having to make it through civil unrest in the Pakistani capital’s streets to return home to her daughter.

Despite her ordeals, Chelsea, who is one of 1400 international students, from 80 countries studying at Queen’s, found the courage to continue her studies, and she says she will be a proud Queen’s graduate: “It was a struggle at times, wrestling with each trial that was thrown at me, but it was a decision I do not regret,” she says. “Queen’s with its supportive professors and mentors, and the life-long friends I have found there have been my saving grace.”

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