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Asymptomatic Testing Programme

From 23 November, Queen’s will begin an asymptomatic testing programme on campus as part of a national scheme. Mass asymptomatic testing is considered an important element of the national strategy to tackle the pandemic and Queen’s is pleased to play its part and be one of the first places in the UK to offer asymptomatic testing at scale. The results of this project will inform potential future roll-out of asymptomatic testing in other parts of society.

Prior to Christmas, students are invited to participate in the scheme and book an asymptomatic test. We particularly encourage those students who have remained on campus throughout first semester and intend to return home for the first time for Christmas to take part to allow them to return home with confidence.

We plan to continue to offer asymptomatic testing for the Queen’s community in second semester and specific details will be provided in due course. This is another way in which the University is taking all possible steps to ensure the University remains a safe place to live, work and study.

The tests will be conducted using lateral flow devices that have recently been approved for use as a screening device for Covid-19. These tests can give rapid results, although participants are required to have two tests no less than three days apart.

It is important to emphasise that this scheme is for those who are not displaying symptoms. If any member of the Queen’s community develops symptoms at any time, it is essential that they self-isolate immediately and book a test here.

Book an Asymptomatic Test