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Coronavirus Cases

Since Friday 30 October, the University has been publishing weekly updates on the number of positive Covid-19 cases that have been reported to us by staff and students, expressed as a 7-day rolling average of daily cases.


No. of new positive test results7-day rolling average/day% of QUB population
Last 7 days (Last updated: 19 Mar 21) 0.1 0.00%
Previous 7 days 0.7 0.002%


Please note: This data only reflects what has been reported directly to the University and includes positive cases from staff and students who have not been on campus or at the University. The University has approx. 23,000 students and 3,500 staff. Approx. 3,500 students live in University accommodation.

This method of reporting is considered to be the most effective way of illustrating the current and evolving situation at the University. The University is publishing this data in the interests of transparency and to provide greater insight for members of our community. It is essential that the Department of Health remains the single source of robust validated data on numbers of cases by geographic region. The University’s data will be included in the Department of Health’s figures.

The University is proactively and regularly monitoring and managing the situation, working closely with the Public Health Agency (PHA) to ensure that we continue to apply all of the necessary control and safety measures to limit the spread within the Queen’s community.

We ask all staff and students to inform the University if they receive a positive test, develop symptoms or are asked to self-isolate so that we can take steps to support those individuals and protect others around them. Please see below guidance on how to do this.

Corona infographic