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Researchers and Funding

[Update: 30/06]

Below you will find the latest information from our key research funders as well responses to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the impact of Covid-19 on Researchers and Funding.

Please note, the answers provided are general advice for reference purposes and should not be taken as specific advice based on your individual circumstances.

If you have queries that are not answered below, please contact the team on

The government has announced two new initiatives to support HEIs and research organisations to mitigate against the negative financial effects of Covid-19. These include financial support in the form of loans and grants to reduce financial losses due to reductions in international student numbers; and an injection of funds to extend ongoing research projects that have been affected or disrupted by Covid-19.

Details of the Covid-19 Grant Extension Allocation funding can be found on the UKRI website whilst key FAQs are addressed below,


The below includes FAQs on/for the following:

  • Information From Funders
  • Medical Charities
  • UKRI Covid-19 Grant Extension Allocation (CoA)
  • Current Awards/Ongoing Projects
  • Research Grant Applications – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Collaborative and Contract Research
  • Post-Doctoral Researchers


Information From Funders [Update 30/06]

Medical Charities [update 29/06]

The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) have collated information from a number of their member organisations into one webpage which also includes medical advice and other useful information related to Covid-19:

Additional detail is provided below for key funders, as well as links to other funders' statements.

UKRI Covid-19 Grant Extension Allocation (CoA) [30/06]

The following FAQs have been adapted from this document:

Current Awards/Ongoing Projects

UKRI have funded a survey seeking to collect information on the impacts of Covid-19 on researchers and doctoral students. Please take some time to complete it here:

Research Grant Applications - Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborative and Contract Research 

Post-Doctoral Researchers