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I have been accepted for admission to Queen's - what next?

You will receive formal confirmation of this decision through your UCAS Track account and not direct from the University. You will be referred to a website in order to confirm whether or not you intend to take up your place.

If you decline the offer, you should understand that you will not be permitted to negotiate with other institutions in the UCAS system.

Applicants who are away from home in August may authorise someone to take the necessary action on their behalf.

FAQs about Starting your Course at Queen's  FAQs about Decisions  International offer holder FAQs

Where do I need to send my exam certificates?

Exam certificates can be photographed or scanned and sent as an attachment to They can also be sent via post to the address below:

Admissions and Access Service
Lanyon North
Queen's University Belfast

Please only send photocopies via post and never original documents. Please also note, that if there is a deadline by which the documents need to be received ensure that post will reach the office on time.

I have not received a Welcome Guide - who do I contact?

If you have submitted your AS12 reply but have not received your Welcome Pack by 7 September, please contact the Student Helpline (Tel: 028 9097 3223 or Email:

When is enrolment and registration?

Enrolment and Registration commences on 7 September 2020. You will be allocated a specific time slot for registration and you must adhere to the slot allocated. Details of this, including the venue, will be included in your Welcome Guide that will be emailed to your personal email account.

For further details on the documents you require for enrolment and registration please see the enrolment and registration section of the Welcome Week page.

See details for Nursing and midwifery enrolment and registration.

When does the academic year start?

The 2020-21 academic year will commence on Monday 21 September 2020, for all undergraduate students, except for those on programmes with approved earlier start dates. 

Information about Welcome and Induction events is available online at from early August. Join our social media and check back regularly for updates and information about arrivals and settling in to Queen’s.

When do I choose my modules?

Depending on your programme of study you may be allowed to choose your courses before Welcome Week. Please note that this differs vastly between programmes and Schools. You must check your Queen’s email on an ongoing basis, following receipt, to find out what is required regarding course enrolment.

What is student accommodation like at the weekends for GB students? Do most people go home at weekends as they live locally?

There are actually fewer Northern Ireland students that stay in Queen's accommodation than there are International and GB students.  While some students do go home at the weekend, there are a huge number of students that stay and get involved in the activities and free trips that we organise.

The Residential Life Coordinators organise activities for nearly every night of the week and most weekends.  These range from shopping trips to Ikea to the Game of Thrones Tour. 

With over 200 clubs and societies you are sure to make friends beyond the walls of your accommodation so there's no need to worry about being lonely.  There's plenty to see and do in Belfast and many tourist destinations in Northern Ireland and beyond are easily accessible via public transport.  Here are some of the highlights.

If I didn't specify that I wanted to share with GB/International students, would it be likely that there wouldn't be others in our flat?

When processing allocations, we do try and mix different students and cultures together.  We also mix students who are on different courses so that there is a variety on each floor.

If there is a particular student you wish to share with, we can add this as a request to your application. You can email us on

What length of accommodation contract should I get?

14 August 2020

Accommodation allocations begin

14 September 2020

International Check In (39 week contract)

19 and 20 September 2020 Northern Ireland and GB undergraduate Check In (38 week contract)
19 and 20 September 2019 Postgraduate Check In (38 and 51 week contracts)

View our Frequently Asked Questions about Accommodation.

How do accommodation costs compare to the private sector?

Comparison of Queen's Standard Room Accommodation versus local Private Sector Houses.

When will I hear about university accommodation?

Information about student accommodation at Queen’s and how to apply is available at The Accommodation website is designed to guide you through your options for living in Belfast, when at Queen’s and to make sure you know what you need to do in order to arrange your accommodation. You should apply online for your accommodation at

Should I still apply for Queen's Accommodation if it's my insurance course?

Yes, those with Queen's as their insurance still need to apply now (you don't need to pay anything yet so there is no risk of losing a deposit.  You can read more and apply here