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Your first two weeks

UK Government guidelines currently require those arriving from some international destinations to quarantine for 14 days. If this still applies when you arrive, you will be quarantined comfortably and looked after in our university accommodation in Belfast.

We’ve made every provision to keep you safe and well. For those students who are living in our accommodation for the year, your stay in quarantine will be free of charge.

On arrival

Move in with the minimum of fuss, safely and securely. You'll be checked-in by a member of staff, your luggage will be sanitised with wipes and delivered to your room. Our reception is provided with safety screens and information in various languages to support social distancing. Touch points during check-in will be minimal. Hand sanitiser is available and should you need a face mask we will provide you with one. When you get your key fob, a member of staff will escort you to your room.

Our reception is provided with safety screens and information signage in various languages to support distancing. Touch points during checkin will be minimal including payment, if you’ve not paid on-line before departure. Hand sanitiser is available and should you need a face mask we are happy to provide you with one. When you get your key fob, a member of staff will escort you to your room.

Your room during quarantine

Even though you will need to do 14 days of quarantine, this is your room; we want it to be as safe and comfortable as possible. It has been hygienically cleaned, including all touch-points and surfaces, so you can get on with life as near-to-normal as possible.

We’ll continue to do this on a daily basis. We'll keep you supplied with all the everyday things you'll need, like soap, sanitiser, bathroom cleaner, wipes, masks and gloves as well as bedding and towels. There's also stationery packs and an all important memory stick with essential information. Your 200MB WIFI and personal 250MB cable internet connection service is provided by ASK4 ( who have a multilingual 24/7 helpline for any issues.

Food during quarantine

It's important for you have a balanced diet and we will provide you with three meals per day*, including a choice of main meals - all healthy and nutritious, meeting most dietary requirements. Alternatively you can order from local restaurants or food stores and have it delivered. In the kitchen/ common room on your floor, tea and coffee is available 24/7. Yes, these are social spaces; to keep you safe you'll be allotted a slot for when it's the best to use them.

It's also good to know the cold water tap in your kitchen is clean and safe to drink. As you'd expect, a cooker, microwave, fridge freezer, rice cooker and large screen TV are there, too.
* food will be charged

Your residential life team

Our Residential Life Team are here for you and they will stay in regular contact with you online, by email and on social media.

They will check how you're coping and how you can get the support you need 24/7, should you need it.

They will also have options for you for online social events where we hope you will start to make new friends.

My Queen's - Arriving at Queen's

My Queen's is your website for everything you need to know when coming to Queen’s and throughout your first semester.

In addition to helping you navigate your way through the University in your initial few weeks, we'll help you get registered, provide details on your learning environment, all of our excellent support services, and ways to get the most of your student experience.

My Queen's

Residential life team

"It’s so exciting when our students arrive – we’re here to make them feel at home. You can come to us for any advice at any time, or just to say hello and have a cup of coffee!"

Stephen Montgomery, Residential Life Co-ordinator, Queen's Accommodation

Socialising after quarantine

Face-to-face social events will take place where social distancing can be most effective and safe. Online, there's also the chance to join any of the 200+ student clubs and societies managed by the Students’ Union.

Unfortunately, some team sports may be unavailable, but we hope this will change soon depending on Northern Ireland Government guidelines.

"I am glad that I was staying at Elms during the lockdown. As the days passed by, I was thankful for the neighbours and the helpful staff and their support throughout the lockdown journey"

Suvekshya Dhungana, MSc Business Analytics on why she’s thankful for the support of the staff in Elms Village