Founded in 1963, Action Mental Health (AMH) is a local charity which works to enhance the quality of life and the employability of people with mental health needs or a learning disability in Northern Ireland.

From humble beginnings in Downpatrick as ITO (the Industrial Training Organisation), AMH has grown to deliver services and projects across the country for all members of our communities. Our health promotion work takes place in schools, cross-border counties and with local employers. Our employment services assist people to remain in work as well as providing skills and sourcing opportunities for those who want to re-enter the workforce. We have specific projects for young people, older people, people living with alcohol abuse, employees, employers, people managing long-term conditions, partnership work with other mental health and disability charities as well as working within our prisons.

We provide our clients with many opportunities, encouraging them to adopt healthier lifestyles and to widen their social networks. We also provide them with the skills to build a better future, set personal goals, develop coping skills, re-engage with society and become more employable.


Action Mental Health
Central Office
27 Jubilee Road

T: 028 9182 8494