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How to Appeal a Disciplinary Officers decision

If you are unhappy with the decision of a Disciplinary Officer, you may appeal the decision to a Committee of Discipline. You cannot appeal the decision to refer your case to a Committee of Discipline or a decision to refer your case for consideration under the Fitness to Practise Procedure.

You have 10 working days from the notification of the Disciplinary Officer's decision to submit an appeal. The Disciplinary Officer's decision letter will usually outline the date by which you must submit your appeal on the Form for Appeal to a Committee of Discipline, and you must set out clearly the ground(s) of appeal and how you consider that you meet the ground(s) of appeal. It is recommended that, with your appeal form, you also submit any supporting evidence you may have to demonstrate how you meet the grounds of appeal.

The grounds of appeal are:

i. New evidence has become available which could not have been provided to the Disciplinary Officer.

ii. There has been a procedural irregularity.

iii. The decision of the Disciplinary Officer was too severe or inappropriate.

Late appeals

Appeals received after the specified deadline will not be considered unless you can evidence circumstances beyond your control which caused the appeal to be late, e.g. hospitalisation. You must be able to demonstrate that something unforeseen occurred at the time of the appeal deadline or that, due to the state of your health at the time of the appeal deadline, you were unable to engage with the University process and to submit an appeal on time. 

What should I do if I think I have sufficient cause and wish to submit a late appeal?

If you wish to submit a late appeal, along with your Form for Appeal to a Committee of Discipline and supporting evidence, you must also submit a written statement (with supporting evidence) detailing the reasons for your late appeal.

It is strongly recommended that you seek advice on preparing your appeal from Advice SU.