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We know you want to celebrate in style, but sometimes things don’t go quite to plan. Follow these simple tips for a March 17th you will never forget – for all the right reasons.

1. Don’t: Foot the bill

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Why risk the hassle of a house party that could potentially trash your student digs? Hosting a party could leave you vulnerable to theft, damage and you could even lose your hard-earned deposit, not to mention the potential of Disciplinary Action if your party causes a disturbance.

Remember: If you are away from your house, make sure it is locked up and any alarms are set. It only takes a minute, but it’s worth it. Don't forget to carry an anti-bac gel with you and wash your hands regularly!

2. Do: Be a good neighbour

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Think about how your behaviour might be impacting on your neighbours. What might be seen as horseplay or boisterousness to you may be seen as intimidatory or threatening by others. Be considerate of your neighbours, the elderly and families with young children. Enjoy yourself but not at the expense of others. Student Conduct Regulations apply at all times.

Remember: No matter how much fun you are having, no means no. Respect other people’s boundaries. Without consent it’s a crime.

3. Don’t: Forget your limits

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Over-drinking can put your health at risk. Make sure to eat a substantial meal before your celebrations begin and drink plenty of water along the way (You will thank us in the morning!).

Stay drink aware: it only takes a second for someone to spike your drink. Keep an eye on your glass and ask the police for anti-spiking bottle stoppers. Never get into the driver’s seat if you’ve had alcohol. And remember friends don’t let friends drive drunk either.

Remember: Alcohol doesn’t magically leave your system when you wake up. You may still be over the legal limit for driving the morning after.

4. Do: Plan ahead

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No one wants to be left out in the cold. Make sure you know in advance how you’re going to get home. Public transport times will be reduced on St Patrick’s Day and taxis are likely to be busy.

Remember: Try and keep your phone charged and consider carrying a portable charger just in case. We’ve all experienced trying to send a WhatsApp with 1% battery and no one wants that.

5. Don’t: Wander off

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Have fun with your friends and try to stick together. Don’t wander off on your own or let your friends do the same. After all, it’s always more fun together anyway.

Avoid inviting friends to yours and make sure you do not hand over your house keys to someone else.

Remember: Friends could cause you to get a noise complaint, even in your absence.

6. Do: Think of your future

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Having fun doesn’t mean breaking the law. A police record or University Disciplinary is no party. It can even impact your career and travel opportunities. So, if you want to explore the world or land your dream job, this is one achievement you won’t want to have to put on your application forms.

Remember: Police and Council staff will be using body worn CCTV, so unless you want to be caught on camera, it is always better to play fair.

7. Don’t: Forget to save these numbers:

SOS Bus: 07901 505 505

Emergency: 999

PSNI: 101

Noise Team: 02890 373 006

Remember: There are plenty of support services if you need help or advice

Student Wellbeing and advice services

Queen’s University

Tel: 028 9097 2893 (Student Wellbeing)

Email: (Advice SU)

Email: (SU Welfare Officer)

Student Wellbeing out of hours (Inspire counselling service)

Queen’s University

Tel: 0808 800 0016


Other organisations

Samaritans 116 123

Lifeline 0808 808 8000

PSNI Rape Crime Unit 0845 600 8000 (emergency 24hr)

The Rowan 0800 389 4424 (support after sexual abuse, assault or rape)

Nexus 028 9032 6803 (counselling for sexual abuse)

Brook 028 9032 8866 (free sexual health advice and contraception)