A-SAIL PhD student strikes silver at CLF

Clare Scullion, prize-winner at CLF's Christmas Meeting 2015

A-SAIL team member Clare Scullion struck silver at the 2015 Christmas meeting of the High Power Laser Community in Abingdon in December.  

Her poster presentation on ion acceleration from ultra thin foils won a silver prize at the annual event - this year featuring almost 50 talks, with over 170 registered delegates.

Scullion's poster outlined her experiments on the effect of laser light polarisation on the acceleration of ions from ultrathin carbon foils at the Astra GEMINI laser system in the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. 

The highest energies for both carbon ions and protons (~ 30 MeV) were obtained for 10 nm targets and circularly polarised light. The beam profiles obtained show significant differences between circular and linear polarisation.

Scullion will get another chance to present her work in March: she has been selected to display a poster in the House of Commons for the Physical Sciences section of the Set for Britain event.  

9 February 2016