A-SAIL gets Creative

The A-SAIL team enjoyed a successful Creativity at Home workshop, February 2016

Delegates from all four institutions in the A-SAIL team gathered in Belfast on Monday and Tuesday 1 – 2 February to discuss the story so far and begin planning the transition to phase two of the project.

Ably facilitated by Phil Hadridge of Idenk, the meeting took the form of a workshop under EPSRC’s ‘Creativity at Home’ (CAH) umbrella. CAH events are EPSRC-funded workshops, associated with large research projects, specifically aimed to foster creative thinking in research.

The facilitator employed a variety of techniques to draw out creative and collaborative approaches to issues such as the global context of the project, strategies for phase two, and approaches to communicating with a range of audiences.

Three early stage researchers presented reports on competitor projects during the event, giving participants a chance to situate A-SAIL in relation to developments elsewhere. During another session, participants had the chance to begin thinking about – and even sketching – the sort of technology that would be needed eventually in a clinical setting.

On the subject of communication, Dr Ceri Brenner, an associate A-SAIL member based at the CLF, presented a report and shared her expertise in outreach. The facilitator further drew out ideas on challenges, messages and audiences in relation to the project.

The event was judged a success by all participants and the team have come away with a range of stimulating ideas to explore.


18 February 2016