Full marks for A-SAIL from Review Panel

The A-SAIL Mid-Term review panel and team members at Riddel Hall

The independent panel reviewing A-SAIL’s progress mid-way through the project has given the team their top rating.

The Mid-Term Review – a standard part of the EPSRC funding process – took place in Belfast in May. Members of the A-SAIL Advisory Board were joined by a number of leading scientists with wide expertise to examine what the project has achieved so far and plans for the next phase.

The panel were particularly impressed by the “vision and ambition of this programme which is at the highest level”, combining areas of fundamental physics of laser interactions with matter and work “towards a clear goal of ion beam cancer therapy”.

“The quality of research” the report notes, is “evidenced clearly by the scientific and technical innovations born from this programme (some examples being laser-driven coil post- accelerator/booster, plasma optic devices and cryogenic targetry)”.

A-SAIL, the report goes on, “is a much needed catalyst for organizing/crystallizing progress toward laser- driven ion beam radiotherapy”.

Praising the team of world-leading researchers involved in the project, the panel report concludes by awarding an overall score of six – the highest rating available to them.

Prof Marco Borghesi, project PI, welcomed the “very positive outcome” and passed on his thanks to the members of the team for their great contributions.

24 June 2016