IOP Culham Thesis Prize Winner

Clare Scullion of Queen’s University Belfast was awarded the Culham Thesis Prize at the 45th Institute of Physics Plasma Physics Conference held in Belfast 9-12 April 2018.

Dr Clare Scullion recently graduated with a PhD from the School of Mathematics and Physics at Queen's University Belfast. Her thesis (“Investigations of ion acceleration from solid targets driven by ultrashort laser pulses”) research was carried out in the framework of A-SAIL, and includes experimental work carried out at TARANIS (QUB, UK), GEMINI and VULCAN (RAL, UK), PULSER (GIST, Korea), J-KAREN (JAERI, Japan) and LNS INFN (Italy). She has been recognised with 4 poster prizes and several travel studentships. She was awarded Queen’s University Belfast Student of the Year 2014 and is a strong advocate for increasing participation in STEM subjects, especially women in science.