NISciFest 2017

A-SAIL information at the Ulster Museum

The A-SAIL banner, showing images of ion acceleration and DNA damage in cells along with details of the project, was on display in the Ulster Museum as part of NI Science Festival 2017 last week.

The activities at the museum have attracted enormous interest. Last year some 15,000 visitors got a close-up view of the lasers, and from early reports it appears this year the numbers may have gone up.

NI Science Festival involves over a hundred events spread across more than 25 venues, and brings the latest science to the public.

During each of the last three years the Centre for Plasma Physics of the School of Mathematics and Physcs at Queen's has run a series of demonstrations of lasers - dubbed Lasers Live - throughout the course of the festival.

The A-SAIL team hope to join the Lasers Live team and fly the flag again in NI Science Festival 2018!


27 February 2017