A-SAIL in joint experiments with IBS, Korea

ASAIL's Hamad Ahmed adjusts the optics in CoReLS, Gwangju, Korea

Researchers from the Queen’s A-SAIL team have completed a run of experiments in collaboration with the Center for Relativistic Laser Science (CoReLS) at the Institute for Basic Science in South Korea.

Hamad Ahmed and Clare Scullion spent a number of weeks in Gwangju working with the High Density Plasma Laser group on the scaling of laser-plasma ion acceleration mechanisms.

The facilities at CoReLS  include a Petawatt power laser, ideal for experiments exploiting ultrafast charge pulses using a method developed at Queen’s.

In conjunction with a trio of experiments in the UK and France (see 'Vulcan run completes trio of experiments', below), the CoReLS experiments will contribute to progress on both the physics and the biological side of the ASAIL project.

Prof Sargis Ter-Avetisyan, leader of the Korean team, is in discussion with the ASAIL team regarding further possibilities for joint research with Queen's.


1 July 2015