A-SAIL makes its mark at EPS2015

A plenary session at last year's EPS

Several members of the A-SAIL team presented their work at the 42nd European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics in Lisbon in June.

Prof Paul McKenna of Strathclyde gave an invited talk on Low Temperature Resistivity Effects on Fast Electron Transport in Solids, and Dr Domenico Doria of Queen’s presented the results of the group’s work on ion acceleration from ultrathin foils, looking at target thickness and laser polarisation.  

Moreover, A-SAIL related research in both radiobiology and laser physics was well represented in poster sessions, with, for example, Deborah Gwynne examining DNA repair dynamics following laser-ion irradiation at ultra-high dose rates, and Clare Scullion presenting the results of experiments on ion acceleration from the GEMINI facility in the Rutherford Appleton Labs.

Full details of the presentations can be found here.

19 August 2015